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Local Composting-Domestic Compost Tumbler-


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JORA is a very efficient 2 in 1 compost tumbler that requires no effort to mix the organic matter. Compost will be ready in 6 weeks.

With Jora composter and our start-up kit, composting activity can start right after the composter is assembled. (click to view sizes)

Jora composter is marketed in Malaysia and Singapore under the name of KompostKu .

KompostKu is a Sustainable & Easy to Use compost tumbler, do not requires use of  enzymes and qualifies for GBI points.

Discount for GBI architects and developers!

BEWARE of Imitations!

Centralized Composting

Jora  JK 5100 is a fully automatic composter suitable for hotels, resorts, golf clubs, serviced apartments, office buildings, and qualify for GBI points.

It is a two in one composter with separate chambers for composting and compost maturing.

Offers a 700 liters capacity and compost is ready in 4 weeks.

Consumes only 1,100 Kw/year (~110US$ equivalent !) to process organic waste from 100 apartments.  Contact Us !

Discount for architects and developers!



Click the picture to see the JK 5100 in action

Field Composting




supplies equipments and Know-How regarding:

  • composting of agricultural waste, palm oil waste, food waste

  • separation and composting of MSW

  • decontamination of polluted grounds

  • turn-key project Contact Us !

Discount for developers!

Recycle Consumer Containers





Volume reduction of recyclable material is the first step towards a Sustainable and Economical Recycling Campaign.

We offer machines to compact or shred PET bottles, drink cans , crash glass and reduce the storing volume by about 90%.

They can be integrated with a voucher printer or magnetic card reader/writer to reward the public for the recycling effort.

Strategically located at Supermarkets entrance, the machine contributes to increase of Returning Customers.

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